When you search for a long term disability lawyer you will undoubtably find many law firms advertising for these cases. A wise consumer will vet these lawyers carefully, as many are NOT experienced ERISA long term disability lawyers. 

It’s pretty easy to investigate this. You can simply ask for their list of filed federal court disability cases. This is an easy list to get.

Here’s an email we received recently. It is very difficult for us to “unwind” the “work” that has been done before we were contacted.

I am writing to you in hopes that you can assist me in the last stretch of an appeal process against Cigna for LTD case.
I had hired an attorney for my first appeal, paid and was very naive. Once it was denied, I realized she had never requested the full file, never requested RFCs from doctors, never advised me about the fact that only what is in the appeal can go to court, etc.
Last year I stopped working with her, and worked on the final appeal on my own.
I reviewed the initial denial, and saw that the medical director had written that if the job had required lifting 20 pounds or more, I would have been approved…
the job required lifting 50 pounds! At that point I realized that the duties of the job must have been incorrect. In reviewing the file, I saw that my supervisor had submitted a form stating that lifting & carrying was never above 20 pounds, never required walking stairs, never required crouching or kneeling.
I wrote to her, asked her if she can send me the specs of the desks which I was solely responsible for moving around campus, between buildings. She sent back and in bold was listed 50 pounds!
I asked if she can please correct this in writing.
This correction, along with including that walking stairs, kneeling, squatting were all required was submitted to Cigna.
However, I found out now that I was denied again. The job was still labeled as light duty too with no mention of lifting 50 pounds.
They are giving me another 2 weeks now to send in any new medical records or information, because I never received the mail that they sent me.