Long Term Disability News

So You Got the Dreaded “We Are Going to Deny Your Long Term Disability Appeal” Letter from Your Disability Insurance Company…Now What??

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Make Your Long Term Disability Insurance Company Put It in Writing When Filing a Long Term Disability Claim!

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How Do I Submit a Long Term Disability Application for Benefits?

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Court Says Unum Denial of Benefits for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Must be Viewed with a High Degree of Skepticism In a Long Term Disability Appeal

In this long term disability appeal a court has reversed Unum’s denial of benefits for a claimant Read More

Court Says You Must First Appeal Your Long-term Disability Claim Denial or You Cannot File a Lawsuit

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The Standard Insurance Company: Benefits Restored for Software Professional After Long Term Disability Appeal

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Taco Bell Assistant Manager with Multiple Myeloma Wins Long Term Disability Lawsuit

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$175,000 Long Term Disability Settlement for Claimant Who Suffered Mild Brain Injury from Sports and Car Accident

A confidential long term disability settlement was reached in a case of a 57-year-old claimant employed by Read More