1. BenGlassLaw has been handling long-term disability cases since 1999.
  2. BenGlassLaw files more disability appeals and lawsuits in Virginia than any other firm. In fact over 80% of all new long-term disability lawsuits filed in the Federal Courts in Virginia are filed by BenGlassLaw. (Verified on Pacer, the official government site for Federal Court lawsuits.
  3. The non-lawyers on our long-term disability team know more about ERISA disability claims than 99.9% of all lawyers.
  4. Lawyers from around the country pay up to $8,000 to attend  BenGlassLaw disability semininars held in our world class training center.
  5. We help people all over the country, using local counsel when required, at no additional charge to the client. We believe that consumers should have access to the right attorney for them, no matter where the consumer lives.
  6. We have better online reviews for our long-term disabilty team. Read them here.
  7. We have published a terrific book on long-term disabilty claims that you can download.
  8. Not near us? It doesn’t matter. Most of our clients never set foot in our office. (But you can take a tour of BenGlassLaw here!)
  9. We have a proven process that puts you in the best position to win your claim.
  10. We stay with you for the life of the claim. Once you have us its never you v. the insurance company again.Her