In this long term disability lawsuit filed in Federal Court in Virginia on March 26, 2021, our client was employed by major Northern Virginia employer

She developed anxiety and panic attacks and had a variety of health care providers who supported her claim for benefits.

MetLife was the company providing both short and long-term benefits for the employer.

Benefits Are Initially Approved

Shortly after the claim was made, she was informed that her benefits were approved for an initial 30 days and that future disability would need to be certified after that.

Whoops, “You Make Too Much Money”

A few days later our client received another phone call, this time telling her that her salary was “too high” and that her claim had been subject to additional review.

ERISA regulations require that “plan provisions be applied consistently with respect so similarly situated claimants.”

Appeal Denied.

We appealed the denial of short term benefits. The appeal was denied.

Lawsuit Filed

We have filed a lawsuit seeking recovery of $18,600.

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